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Winterizing Your Delmarva Home

Winter is a time of joy, family, and…bursting pipes? As fall sets in and you prepare for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas right around the corner, the last thing you are likely thinking about is your pipes. Should you be?

Winterizing your home in the fall can be the difference between fixing up pipes and fixing up pies.

Winterizing a home is far more than draining pipes. With 80 years of experience in the plumbing industry, Megee understands this. Our winterization techniques and standards ensure the best care and safety of your home for those cold winter months.

Do You Need to Winterize Your Home?

Winterization of a home involves the drainage and preparation of water piping systems for the coming cold months. Water left in unprepared waterlines has the potential to burst as the dropping temperatures cause the water to freeze and expand.

Winterizing your home and its existing waterlines is a good step to take in safeguarding your home and preventing unnecessary stress for yourself, but not every home needs to undergo a complete winterization process.


  • Your home will remain occupied during winter months: If you plan to remain in your home during the winter months you may not need to fully drain and winterize your home’s pipes. However, doing so can protect pipes in the chance that they do freeze over in a bad winter storm.
  • Your home will be vacant during winter months: Homes that will be vacant during the winter such as vacation homes and rentals, DO need to be winterized. These are the most likely to be faced with a surprise pipe burst if not properly winterized prior to the onset of freezing temperatures.

The Megee Way

Every plumbing and piping system has areas where water will collect and not completely drain out. This leftover water has the potential to then freeze and cause damage.

That’s why Megee winterizes the only way that can ensure every inch of water piping is protected: by pumping non-toxic, food-grade antifreeze into your water piping. In addition to the piping systems, we also pour antifreeze into all the drain traps in your home as an extra line of defense.

This process ensures that not only has the primary water been eliminated, but those sneaky water traps won’t surprise you with a mess either. We care about your home and your family and that is why we take every precaution to ensure our process is able to guarantee the safety and well-being of both.

Dewinterization Services

As is its custom, cold winters will come and go. The sun will start to shine and the grass will start to grow. When that happens, Megee Plumbing & Heating is happy to help by offering dewinterizing services.

The dewinterizing process, in essence, undoes the process of winterizing the home. Megee’s dewinterizing services include:

  • Turning on and flushing plumbing system(s)
  • Turning on gas supply (light gas water heater pilot)
  • Dewinterization of exterior AFTER the months of February or March

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Whether this is your first time or four-hundredth time getting ready to take on the challenges of the cold weather, trust your home to Megee’s Plumbing and Heating. With over 80 years of experience and certified experts on your side, you and your home will be ready for whatever the season has to throw at you.

If you still have questions or need help please feel free to contact us.