Why are my drains clogging so often? How do I get rid of those stubborn rust stains? Is there a way I can avoid costly repairs for my HVAC unit or water heater? What will protect my home against an electrical fire?

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

When winter hits, is your home prepared? We prepare ourselves for winter by bundling up in warm clothes, but our houses need a different kind of winter prep. Otherwise you may be paying more for your energy bills than you need to. Avoid high seasonal costs by winterizing your plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. Here’sRead More

6 Ways to Clean Rust Stains

No one likes to see a rust stain dirtying up their bathroom or kitchen. Commonly found around faucets and drains in tubs, sinks and toilets, these reddish-brown marks most often are the result of water containing high levels of iron. But the source also could be from rust inside your kitchen or bathroom piping makingRead More

5 Tips for Better Drain Maintenance

Sometimes your drains could use a little tender loving care. If they are neglected too long, they could lead to bigger problems. Clogged drains especially can be expensive to repair, especially the longer you wait to hire a plumber. But there are measures you can take each month to prevent clogged drains and plumbing problems.Read More