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8 Signs You Should Replace Your Thermostat

When it comes to your home, having a working heating and cooling system is essential. HVAC systems help provide you with comfortable living conditions throughout the year, whether that means providing you cool air during the summer or warm air during the winter. Your thermostat is a vital part of your HVAC system, which isRead More

The Best Lighting Options for Each Room

Choosing lighting for each room in your home can seem intimidating. Between LED, track lights, can lights, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and more, the list of options goes on and on. However, some rules of thumb can make it easier to understand what type of lighting should go in each room. No matter theRead More

7 Reasons Why Your AC isn’t Working

Summers seem to be getting hotter than ever, and that’s the most inconvenient time to find out that your AC is refusing to do its job! Here’s a rundown of the seven most common problems that cause the air conditioning unit to not work at the optimum level. The Thermostat Needs New Batteries Yes, sometimesRead More

6 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Our HVACs are an important part of our lives. If they break down, it disrupts our daily routine and wreaks havoc on our lives. Getting a new unit installed in your home is a big deal, which is why it is important to determine that you have hired the right person to install it. HereRead More

8 Ways to Save on Your Home Water Usage

During the summer, you become more aware than ever of how much water you use. Whether for your home or a property, you use a lot of water to keep your property running and looking nice. Here are some tips on how you can conserve water in your home to help the environment andRead More

5 Home Electricity Safety Tips

It’s the last place you would ever expect to be in mortal danger. It’s likely the largest investment of your time and money, and it’s the place you raise your family. That’s right: it’s your home. The electrical system of your home enables you to enjoy all the comforts of modern living. But to stayRead More

Choosing Your HVAC System: Split vs. Ducted

If you’re new to the world of HVAC systems and need information on choosing the right one, welcome! These systems can come in two different forms, ducted and split, each serving its purpose. Whether you inherited an old system, or you’re starting from scratch with a new one, investing in an HVAC system may beRead More

Answers to the Top HVAC FAQs

If you have an HVAC system installed in your home or are planning to get one soon, you may have some questions and don’t know who to turn to. We’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a list of FAQs that might pop into your head regarding your HVAC. So, let’s get to it. Efficiency AcronymsRead More

How to Handle Home Repair Services during COVID-19

The rules of engagement have changed drastically during the last year. The pandemic has impacted us in ways we may not even be aware of. As a society, we have all had to adapt. There are certain things, however, that there is no way to get around: we all need a helping hand sometimes. IfRead More

10 Ways to HVAC Troubleshoot Before You Call In the Pros

When your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system stops working, it can be extremely inconvenient, especially during a time of year when the weather is uncomfortably hot or cold. If not addressed quickly, these types of malfunctions can put the comfort and health of your family at risk. Luckily, there are steps you canRead More